Synthetic Zeolites

Zeolite 4A

Zeolites are a group of hydrated aluminosilicates which contain alkali and alkaline metals. Zeolite crystals can occur in nature or be synthesized in a laboratory. Synthetic zeolites are the most preferable additives for various manufacturing industries such as detergents, PVC, animal feed, ceramic, paper, paint etc.

Special Characteristics:

Eco Friendly

Cost effective

Excellent ion exchange capacity

Higher adsorption capacity

Curbs eutrophication

Stable on high temperature

CREDOLITE ®Phosphate free, highly efficient and eco-friendly. A multifunctional builder in laundry detergents, compatible with other components in detergent formulations. Apart from zeolite’s high calcium exchange capacity which reduces water hardness, its high liquid carrying capacity allows formulators to add maximum amount of liquid surfactants to keep the detergent free flowing and increase detergency.
CREDOX ®For the Plastic Industry. Zeolites are effective costabilizers in PVC compounds.
CREDONUTRIFEED ®Used as an additive in poultry, cattle and shrimp feed. Using zeolites in animal feed results in improved animal growth and weight gain by increasing the food conversion rate. It also reduces odour and aids in digestion and nutrient absorption which improves the quality of milk, eggs etc. produced.
CREDOSOFT ®For the Ceramic Industry. Zeolites can be hot pressed into ceramic which makes ceramic hard and durable. Zeolites are used in ceramic filters and membranes.
CREDOSUPERCOAT ®For the Paper Industry. Zeolites are used as fillers to improve the optical properties, bulkiness and printability of paper.
CREDOBRITE ®For the Paint Industry. Use of zeolites enhances optical brightness and reduces manufacturing cost without compromising the quality of the product.