Beneficiated Bauxite Products

GCMIL is a quality producer of Beneficiated Bauxite. We cater to individual customer requirements in terms of quality and sizing of Processed Bauxite.

Bauxite Processing Facility

GCMIL has a beneficiation plant incorporating state of art technology that includes facility for dry beneficiation to remove deleterious impurities, improve the grade of bauxite and enhance quality.

The raw bauxite ore input undergoes a mechanical process of crushing, sizing, magnetic separation, screening, dressing and blending which results in production of Beneficiated Bauxite, in order to meet the specific requirements of various end user industries.

Impurities in the raw material are reduced in this process to derive an upgraded product matching the specifications of the customer.


Quality Control

Our plant is fully equipped with a complete Chemical Laboratory Facility that enables the entire process to be checked and inspected by qualified team of chemists at all times in  accordance with internationally accepted standards. Tests regularly conducted at our facility include Moisture, LOI, major elements and also trace elements.


We cater to individual customer requirements. We can supply 150mm or below and fine ground powder up to 400 mesh.